Monday, 18 February 2019


Vasili Mitrokhin
21 August 1991
The codes to the Soviet Union's tactical nuclear weapons are lost during the Moscow coup attempt. During the Cold War both sides had programs of smuggling weapons into each other's countries (Agee 83), (Andrew, and Mitrokhin 359-361) (Lunev 25). After the Moscow coup the intensity of "terrorist" bombings goes up orders of magnitude. 
09 April 1992
Vasili Mitrokhin goes to one of the new Baltic Republics walks in the British Embassy and defects. (Andrew, and Mitrokhin 14) Mitrokhin is said to have revealed the identities of hundreds of Russian Intelligence Agents. His document dump was one of the largest in history. 
10 April 1992 at 9:20 pm
Baltic Exchange bombing one-ton bomb
?+7 November 1992
Vasili Mitrokhin, a major defector arrives in London (Andrew, and Mitrokhin 14)
14 November 1992 at 1:00am aborted-intercepted 
Stoke Newington Road lorry 3.2-ton bomb is intercepted 

Chechen Prime Minister Ruslan Outsiev and his brother Nazerbek between them stands their interpreter who played a role in their assassination. 

?? February 1993

Seeking to procure 2000 Stinger Missiles, Ruslan Outsiev, Prime Minister of Chechnya, and his younger brother Nazerbek, having made a deal with the Royal Mint to print currency, passports and stamps for Chechnya are assassinated in London. 
27 February 1993 12:17:37pm 
Tactical nuke strike on the Presidential motor pool at the WTC. The presidential limousine is vaporized. 
24 April 1993 at 10:27am
Bishopsgate Bombing, tactical nuke strike, the public is sold a cover story, 1-ton ANFO truck-bomb made by the IRA. The strike takes out the HSBC and Royal Saudi Banks. The Saudis played a big role in supporting the Afghan insurgency in the 1980’s. HSBC also has links Chechnya. 
09 February 1996 at 7:01pm 
London Docklands bombing 1.5-ton truck-bomb.
15 June 1996 at 11:17am
Manchester bombing tactical nuclear strike cover story +1.5-ton truck-bomb takes place before the Russia-England European Cup Match. 


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Saturday, 16 February 2019


The more and more research I do into the history of terrorism in the period from 1991 to 2001 the more and more it looks like the American Ruling Class framed Islamic Fundamentalists like the Blind Sheikh and Bin Laden in order to cover up a series of tactical nuclear attacks on American assets in the Middle East and the United States. 

The English covered up their tactical nuclear incidents by framing the IRA and many cases not indicting anyone for the crimes. Three of the largest bombings in Great Britain remain unsolved.

When in 1996 the CIA released “Prospects for Unsanctioned Use of Russian Nuclear Weapons” there had already been a half dozen tactical nuclear attacks on Western assets around the globe. 

Bin Laden is indicted by a Grand Jury three months after the American Embassies in Africa were attacked. A month earlier on 07 August 1998 a story in the Times of London accused Bin Laden of being in possession of tactical nuclear weapons. 

"A Permissive Action Link (PAL) is a security device for nuclear weapons. Its purpose is to prevent unauthorized arming or detonation of the nuclear weapon."

One week after the indictment on 13 November 1998 another story runs claiming that Bin Laden had nuclear weapons. This time the story runs in Al-Watan Al-Arabi. Western Intelligence agencies have a long running relationship with the press. Many agents are sprinkled like salt and pepper throughout the western news media. The Bin Laden tale was clearly being spun in order to cover up the series of Russian tactical nuclear reprisal attacks for western actions in Chechnya. The Western powers in the end did not have to play this card. They just framed Bin Laden and the Blind Sheikh and claimed that the bombs were made from fertilizer.

The Bin Laden tale ultimately did not make sense and western disinformation agents would back off the story. The Russians had no interest in selling nuclear weapons to Bin Laden whose troops were fighting Russia in Chechnya. The Russians had no interest in passing the codes to the PAL of the tactical nuclear weapons to Bin Laden. The weapons could just as easily be turned on them as they could be used against American targets. The propaganda piece ultimately was a double edged sword. By putting it out there that Bin Laden was in possession of nuclear weapons the Americans now had cover to attack Russian targets using tactical nuclear weapons. The stories were a veiled threat. 

The most interesting thing of all is there was a low intensity nuclear war being fought in the decade from 1991 and 2001. And it was all covered up by the Western media. It was in a way a replay of the U2 drama that played out in the 1950's. Both sides have kept the nuclear war secret in order to avoid a broader war. 

Friday, 15 February 2019

The History of Russian Allegations of American and British Involvement in Chechnya.

The Chechen Tragedy: Who is to Blame? is published. The book accuses the United States of using Chechnya to destabilize what was left of Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The book was published around the time CIA employee Harold James Nicholson was arrested for espionage. He had passed along information about CIA plans for Chechnya to the Russians. The book also lays out the stakes in Chechnya for Russia. The Russians feared that the Chechen Insurgency would further disintegrate country. The Chechen insurgency had the potential to cut the country in half. 

Page 15

“A 1979 CIA report, which leaked to the press, described the Chechen-Ingush Republic as a most promising territory with regard to the efforts to destabilize the USSR.”


Nikolaev, Yu. V. The Chechen Tragedy. Nova Science, 1996.


Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of the Chechen Republic accuses Britain and the United States of supporting Chechen terrorism. 
“The West is interested to cut off the Caucasus from Russia. The Caucasus – a strategic frontier of Russia. If they take away the Caucasus from Russia, it’s like taking away half of Russia.”
“We’re fighting in the mountains with the American and English intelligence agencies. They are fighting not against Kadyrov, not against traditional Islam, they are fighting against the sovereign Russian state,” said Ramzan Kadyrov.
"Russia's Chechen Chief Blames CIA For Violence". Reuters,                 24 September 2009,


Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses the United States of sponsoring the Chechen Insurgency.
Putin said the Kremlin hoped for U.S. support in quelling a separatist movement in the Russian republic, but had observed “instead, U.S. special services supporting the terrorists.”


Sharkov, Damien. "U.S. Backed "Terrorists" In Chechnya, Vladimir Putin Tells Oliver Stone". Newsweek, 13 June 2017,

Holloway’s Commentary:

The Anglo-American Ruling Class's (AARC) use of Chechnya as a wedge to divide Russia has resulted in blowback in the form of tactical nuclear bombings on Western targets and the spectacular attacks of 911. AARC thought that they had caged the Russian bear with their superior aerospace technology. This was countered with advanced micro-nuclear weapons and superior electronic jamming technology. The AARC should stop supporting the Chechen Insurgency, make amends and seek reconciliation with Russia for their actions. They are literally rolling the dice with everyone's lives by playing this game.  

Monday, 11 February 2019


21 August 1991
The Soviet/Russian nuclear codes are lost in Moscow Coup attempt. After the nuclear codes are lost the intensity of terrorist bombings in the West increases substantially. 

The first WTC bombing (27 February 1993) and the Bishopsgate bombing (24 April 1993) attacks, taking place after the assassination of Chechen “Prime Minister” Ruslan Utseyev were clearly Russia telling the West that an independent Chechnya will not be tolerated. Ruslan had set up a deal with the Royal Mint to print currency and passports for the newly declared Chechen Republic. Ruslan was also trying to procure 2000 Stinger missiles while in London. After the assassination and the bombing of Bishopsgate, the Royal Mint would refuse to print currency, passports etc for Chechnya and the CIA was pressured to buyback Stingers that were loose on the market. 

Four attacks on Western targets take place on either the anniversary or the two-year anniversary of significant events in Russian Civil War in the Caucus Region. 

1. OKC Bombing takes place on the two-year anniversary of Dudayev declaring himself dictator in Chechnya. 

2. The 1996 Manchester bombing takes place on the anniversary of the 1995 Budyonnovsk Hospital terrorist attack and this happened right before England was to play Russia in a football match. 

3. The African Embassy Bombings take place on the two-year anniversary of the Battle of Grozny. 

4. 911 takes place on the two-year anniversary of series of time bombings known as the Moscow Apartment Bombings. 


The WTC North Tower was imploded at the same time (10:28:22am) the Kursk was torpedoed (10:28:26am) Moscow time. The timing of the WTC North Tower Collapse shows that 911 was in part revenge for the Moscow Apartment Bombings. This "coincidence" combined with the targeting of the Naval Operations Center (NOC) at the Pentagon shows that the Russians were avenging the sinking of the Kursk. 

Two terrorist attacks take place two months after a significant event in the Russian Civil War in the Caucus Region and torpedoing of the Kursk. 

1. The attack on Saudi Arabian USAF barracks, Khobar Towers, takes place two months from the day Dudayev is supposedly spirited out of Chechnya. 

2.  The USS Cole is bombed two months to the day the Russian submarine Kursk is torpedoed. 

Thursday, 7 February 2019


With the spectacular attacks of 911 Russian President Putin handed America its greatest strategic military defeat making a mockery of America’s airborne WW3 doomsday plan. The attacks of 911 ultimately forced the Americans to end their quest to destroy Russia. The rise of President Vladimir Putin prevented Russia’s collapse and began its resurgence. The American national security apparatus has worked hard to cover up this defeat from the world and its own citizens. Because it has been shown they cannot defend the country. TRILLIONS were spent on a worthless defense system. 

Simultaneous detonation creates more destruction than a single weapon. [1] It multiplies the destructive total yield by 6.25.

Eight "tactical" one kiloton nuclear weapons, when simultaneously airbursted will produce at least as much damage as a fifty kiloton warhead. This is enough destructive force to destroy Lower-Manhattan. 
The tech for simultaneous air burst using guerrillas has existed since the 1950's.  

The military is in the completely unenviable situation of having to defend against suitcase nukes and a very vulnerable electronic infrastructure. According to General Lebed in a 1990's 60 Minutes interview some 120 "suitcase" nuclear weapons were missing from the former Soviet arsenal. If they are all cached here in the United States, then civilization can end in America on a moments notice and nothing can be done about it. These "small" weapons when simultaneously detonated in a pattern of 8 can cause more damage than a "larger" single weapon. Defending against advanced designs is impossible.

If the "tactical" nuclear RA-115 weapons, the Russians smuggled into the country, are red-mercury thermo-nuclear weapons, then they are light weight and compact enough to use commercial drones to perform the simultaneous airburst attack. It's a bad idea to allow commercial flying drones for delivery purposes. This idea should be shutdown and made illegal.

The legitimacy of the American government is now in question. The 911 cover up is about maintaining the perception of legitimacy more than anything else. 

1. Now let's go a step further and consider the potential consequences of SIMULTANEOUSLY DETONATING a pattern of eight nuclear weapons. I have not seen simultaneous nuclear air bursts discussed, or even hinted at, in the open literature, but too many of their effects are too obvious to ignore them, as can be seen in the "M" (Multiple Blasts) command in Nukefix.

When eight low-tech 20 Kt nuclear weapons are detonated simultaneously in an encirclement pattern (5 mile radius, 4.3 miles between zero points in a circle) in a high population density urban area, at least as much destruction would tend to be produced as with a single one megaton thermonuclear weapon. The reason for this is firestorms and the interaction of blast forces.

Sunday, 3 February 2019


There was no stand down on 911. What really happened is the military's communications were jammed and Bush was unable to give the order to shoot down the airliners. He was more importantly unable to give the order to launch America's nuclear weapons. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes for Russia's missiles to reach America coming over the pole. Bush's communications were down for hours. America would have lost WW3 if it had been fought on 911. Maybe that's what Putin and Bush discussed on 911?