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Lunev, Stanislav, and Ira Winkler. Through The Eyes Of The Enemy. Regnery Pub., 1998.

During wartime, they would try to assassinate as many American leaders as possible, as well as their families. They would also blow up power stations, telephone switching systems, dams, and any strategic targets that cannot be taken out with long range weapons. Especially important targets are the supposed secret landing sites for Air Force One during times of war. In wartime, the president would be aboard Air Force One constantly. While it can refuel in the air, it eventually has to land to be resupplied and serviced. Spetznatz forces would be expected to wait at these secret sites – which we at the GRU were responsible for finding – to take the airplane out when it lands. The use of tactical nuclear weapons would be likely. In Soviet and Russian military doctrine, nuclear weapons are not merely for deterrence; they are to be used and Spetznatz has them available. 

Spetznatz troops are currently training inside the United States. They regularly enter the country as foreign tourists, using fake passports and their knowledge of foreign languages to pass as Germans or Eastern Europeans. 

They are the best supplied troops in the Russian military. One of GRU’s major tasks is to find drop sites for their supplies of clothes, cash, and special equipment – including even small nuclear devices, the so-called “suitcase bombs.” 
Lunev, Stanislav, and Ira Winkler. Through The Eyes Of The Enemy. Regnery Pub., 1998. (Pages 24 – 25) 

On February 7, 1996, President Yeltsin ordered that industrial espionage become the top priority for Russian intelligence agencies. And the GRU is now putting all its efforts into recruiting agents from companies like Northrup, Gruman, GE, Honeywell, IBM, Microsoft, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, and countless others. 
Lunev, Stanislav, and Ira Winkler. Through The Eyes Of The Enemy. Regnery Pub., 1998. (Page 158)

Holloway's commentary:
Many of the elements of 911 are found in these two quotes. Air Force One was targeted on 911. A phoned in threat was made against Air Force One using its secret code name ANGEL. The threat said "ANGEL is next." The only meaning for this threat that makes any sense is that they were threatening to hijack Air Force One next. The question then becomes how? The answer is Air Force One would be hijacked electronically. The evidence for electronic hijacking is the performance of the planes witnessed on 911. Honeywell the manufacturer of the avionics found on Air Force One was targeted by Russia. They were in a position to compromise the avionics of every airliner in the Western World and they did. 

The communications of Air Force One and the Presidential line of succession were jammed on 911. We know from Lunev's book that the Russians had targeted the telephone switching systems of the USA. On 911 GW Bush was forced to land at Offutt Air Force Base. It was the GRU's job to identify these places. GW Bush was not going to leave Offutt alive, if there was a GRU team with a tactical nuclear weapon in the vicinity of the base. Bush was forced into making a deal.   

Wednesday, 2 January 2019


The attacks of the 911 revealed that the avionics on the F-117 have been compromised. 911 was a Russian revenge attack on the United States for the humiliations visited upon Russia by the American Ruling Class, during the 1990’s. The precision strike on the DIA/NOC offices at the Pentagon shows that the Honeywell Avionics system used on Boeing airliners in the 911 attacks have been compromised. During the 1990’s Russian intelligence targeted Honeywell, IBM and other American high-tech corporations (Lunev, and Winkler 158). If the avionics of the 757-767 is compromised, then so is the avionics of other planes. The avionics found on the Boeing 757-767 are also found on the Space Shuttle and the F-117 stealth fighter (Ramsey) (Kopp).The Russians are responsible for the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia. They have a history of using Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) against the American Space Shuttle (Note 5). The compromise of the F-117's avionics led to its retirement in 2008. 

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