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It's no accident that the Branch Davidians were murdered on April 19th the day Dudayev declared himself dictator. The Davidian story acted as a news sponge. It kept international news off the TV. 

Thursday, 11 April 2019


So, why frame Bin Laden? Why use him to cover up Russian retaliatory strikes? The framing of Osama Bin Laden was an American intervention in Saudi politics in support of the Saudi royal family. The Bin Laden family is (or was) the second most powerful family in Saudi Arabia. Only the royal family is more powerful. The Bin Laden family is a potential threat to the Saudi royals. The framing of Bin Laden tarnished the name of the whole Bin Laden family. This puts the whole family on their heels. It keeps them under control. It makes it to where the whole family can be viewed with suspicion and monitored. The CIA used their Wurlitzer, i.e. control of world media, to make the Bin Laden name synonymous with evil and it worked. The whole world has been brainwashed to believe he committed crimes he had no hand in committing. More recently more tragedy has befallen the family the three most powerful Bin Laden's were forced to turn over their property to the state (Paul et al.). The true power behind the throne is still the CIA.

Paul, Katie et al. "As A Saudi Prince Rose, The Bin Laden Business Empire Crumbled". Reuters, 2019,

Tuesday, 9 April 2019


On 13 June 2003 DOD employee Jim Hoffman published, "The North Tower's Dust Cloud: Analysis of Energy Requirements for the Expansion of the Dust Cloud Following the Collapse of 1 World Trade Center," the first of a series of papers, an initial paper with three revisions including a fourth that has been pending since 2004, examined the thermodynamics of the North Tower’s dust cloud to determine the energy requirements for its expansion. Hoffman determined that the energy requirements exceeded “the energy available in the form of the gravitational potential energy due to the tower's elevated mass.” With each revision, in order to save the controlled demolition hypothesis, Hoffman’s estimate for amount of energy needed to produce the dust cloud was lowered. Although each revision was still well above “the energy available in the form of the gravitational potential energy due to the tower's elevated mass.” Hoffman’s estimates invalidated the controlled demolition hypothesis and necessitated the use of nuclear weapons to destroy the World Trade Center.

Enter Dr. John Kimber PhD. whose critique of Hoffman's analysis revealed that the necessary explosives to create the dust cloud were in the kiloton range( .8 to 47 kilotons). Kimber curiously does not attack Hoffman's methodology, he just dismisses outright the notion that explosives were involved because of the quantity needed. The only other explanation is nuclear explosives were used to bring down the towers.

Thermodynamic Analysis of the Twin Tower Collapses
Abstract, Revision History, and Acknowledgments for the Paper:
The North Tower's Dust Cloud:

Analysis of Energy Requirements for the Expansion of the Dust Cloud Following the Collapse of 1 World Trade Center

Kimber's Critique:

Tuesday, 26 March 2019


It is standard operating procedure to pin crashes on the pilot in these situations but let's look at the current international climate. International tensions are high right now. The Spaniards are currently accusing us of having broken into the North Korean embassy on 22 February 2019 and forcibly interrogating the staff to get information on Kim Hyok Chol. The downing of the plane might be blowback from that botched operation, the Metrojet Flight 9268 or god knows what other Black Op. The glass cockpits on all planes using avionics manufactured by Honeywell et al. are compromised. The Russians targeted Honeywell and other high tech Western firms during and after the Cold War.

On 9/11 the performance of the planes shows that they were remotely hijacked. The hit on the Pentagon definitely shows this. I don't care who you are not even a professional pilot could put the nose of 757 through a window after pulling 5-10 G's. I mean no one noticed Hani Hanjour's G-suit? Ralph Nader's grand niece along with several other aid workers were on that plane. The CIA uses aid work as a cover. This was the case in Pakistan when they killed Bin Laden. Nader has long running ties to the Ford Foundation a covert funding conduit for CIA operations. The Army Captain on that flight was member of the World Council of Churches a known CIA cover organization. It looks like someone killed some spooks through the compromised glass cockpit. SOURCES: Aid agency withdrew Pakistan staff after CIA fake vaccination scheme Top-Secret Pentagon Program Exploited Aid Workers as Covert Spies CIA implicated in attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid Ralph Nader’s Grandniece Died in Ethiopian Plane Crash; Now He Is Urging Boycott of Boeing Jet Metrojet Flight 9268 Ford Foundation to Stop Aid to 'Public Interest' Law Firms RALPH NADER, UNSAFE UNDER ANY COVER Boeing 757 controls hacked remotely while on the runway, officials reveal Churches, Angered by Disclosures, Seek to Bar Further C.I.A. Ethiopian crash victims include decorated U.S. military captain who had served in Afghanistan, international humanitarian workers
NOTES: On February 7, 1996, President Yeltsin ordered that industrial espionage become the top priority for Russian intelligence agencies. And the GRU is now putting all its efforts into recruiting agents from companies like Northrup, Gruman, GE, Honeywell, IBM, Microsoft, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, and countless others.
Lunev, Stanislav, and Ira Winkler. Through The Eyes Of The Enemy. Regnery Pub., 1998. (Page 158)

Tuesday, 19 March 2019


In 1975 the United States doomsday plan changed to fight WW3 from the air. The Joint Chiefs of Staff knew that the underground bunkered American command structure would not survive a direct hit from a multimegaton nuclear weapon. If a properly shaped kiloton nuclear charge will carve a ten-foot diameter hole a thousand feet long into solid rock (McPhee 159), then a 100 megaton shaped charge will dig anyone out of a bunker. So, in order to survive the American military moved their command and control into the air. 

This move left American doomsday command vulnerable to decapitation via communications jamming and nuclear air burst. The placement of the Dugas, whose radar beams crisscrossed over the midwestern states of the United States, shows that the Soviets were attempting to triangulate the position of the E4-B. Which was based out of Offutt AFB in Nebraska. There were also psychological and electronic warfare elements to Duga system. 

The Duga system interrupted telephone communications in Western Europe, air to ground communications in the United States and wiped out parts of the ham radio spectrum. So, there was a psychological warfare component to the Duga. And because the Duga-3 radar was placed near the Chernobyl nuclear plant shows that the power out of the radar was going to be in the 6-gigawatt range making Duga-3 a massive electronic warfare weapon. Which is probably why Chernobyl was attacked in 1986. 


McPhee, John A. The Curve Of Binding Energy. Farrar, Straus And Giroux, 1973.

Thursday, 21 February 2019


The Khobar Towers bombing was a Russian precision retaliatory tactical nuclear strike on the elite USAF “PJ” Pararescue unit officially known as the 71st Rescue Squadron, for the April 1996 exfiltration of Chechen “President” Dudayev. Five of the nineteen killed in the Khobar Towers attack were PJ's who came from 45th Space Wing and 71st Rescue Squadron (Grant 50-51). They are HC-130 pilot Captain Christopher J. Adams, HC-130 navigator Captain Leland T. Haun, MSgt. Michael G. Heiser Communications System Operator, SSgt. Kevin J. Johnson Rescue HC-130 aircraft flight engineer and HC-130 loadmaster A1C Justin R. Wood (Grant 50-51).  The 45th Space Wing is the most secretive wing of the USAF. They are tasked with the most sensitive rocket payloads. They are the wing that places spy satellites into space for the National Reconnaissance Office.  

Being the best in the world in pararescue, the elite PJ unit was tasked with the special mission and exfiltrated Chechen “President” Dzhokhar M. Dudayev from Chechnya with a C-130 via the Fulton Air Recovery System (STARS). STARS is a means of exfiltration developed during the Cold War. The Khobar Tower attacks take place 2 months from the day the cover story runs in the Western Press.

The Cover Story 

On the 21st of April 1996 Dudayev, the world has been told, was killed in a missile strike, while trying to make a phone call fully exposed, under no cover, in an open field (Gordon). The official Russian news service Interfax reported him dead despite, contradictory reports of him still being alive by Chechen “deputy prime minister” Khasan Khzuyev, no corpse having been shown to the press and reports of multiple grave sites (Gordon). The exfiltration of Dudayev was a play to influence the 1996 Russian election. It gave Yeltsin a victory in Chechnya. There was significant political pressure on Yeltsin to act in Chechnya and he faced a coup if he did not act (Nikolaev 12). The faked death of Dudayev helped to push American asset Yeltsin to victory in the upcoming election. 

In the months after the attack CIA officer Harold James Nicholson would be arrested for espionage for passing information on Chechnya to the Russians information. He more than likely revealed the identities and whereabouts of Dudayev’s exfiltration team to the Russians. And, later that year, the CIA released a document in house detailing how tactical nuclear weapons were likely to be used in an unsanctioned manner by Russian Special Forces not loyal to Yeltsin. There had already been a half dozen tactical nuclear attacks by this point. 

It’s 625 miles from Incirlik USAF air base to Grozny. It’s 2000 miles from Khobar USAF Air Base. 

On or about 26 June 1996, Defense Secretary Perry has a meeting with the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov to backchannel communicate with Russia.  

CIA report “Prospects for Unsanctioned Use of Russian Nuclear Weapons”

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Monday, 18 February 2019


This timeline shows that in the period from 1991 to 2001 the Anglo-American Ruling Class, in order to prevent a full scale nuclear war, framed the IRA and Islamic Fundamentalists such as the Blind Sheikh and Osama Bin Laden to cover up a series of retaliatory tactical nuclear attacks conducted by the GRU/KGB on Anglo-American assets in the Middle East, United Kingdom and the United States. The attacks were the Russian response to Anglo-American actions in Russia's Caucus region i.e. Chechnya. In other words, the large terrorist bombings of the 1990’s on Anglo-American assets and 9/11 was Russian blowback to the Anglo-American campaign to destroy Russia using Islamic-Chechen proxies. 

The destruction of the Soviet Union was not as clean as what has been portrayed in the media. There was a power struggle playing out behind the scenes between the American backed Yeltsin and those behind the August 1991 coup attempt. Allies of the coup plotters fought to gain back control of the country while at the same time launching counter-strikes to American actions in the caucus region.

911 was the Russian counter strike to American assassination attempts on Putin and the sinking of the Kursk. It made a mockery of America's doomsday plan.
Vasili Mitrokhin
21 August 1991
The codes to the Soviet Union's tactical nuclear weapons are lost during the Moscow coup attempt. During the Cold War both sides had programs that smuggled weapons into each other's countries (Agee 83), (Andrew, and Mitrokhin 359-361) (Lunev 25). After the Moscow coup the intensity of "terrorist" bombings goes up orders of magnitude. 
25 March 1992
Col. Lunev defects to the United States. He is the highest level GRU member to defect to the United States.
09 April 1992
Vasili Mitrokhin goes to one of the new Baltic Republics walks in the British Embassy and defects. (Andrew, and Mitrokhin 14) Mitrokhin is said to have revealed the identities of hundreds of Russian Intelligence Agents. His document dump was the largest in history. It not only compromised hundreds of agents. His defection also revealed the locations of overseas GRU weapons caches. 
10 April 1992 at 9:20 pm
Baltic Exchange bombing one-ton bomb This bombing was clearly Russian retaliation for the defection of Mitrokhin. 
?+7 November 1992
Vasili Mitrokhin, a major defector arrives in London (Andrew, and Mitrokhin 14)
14 November 1992 at 1:00am aborted-intercepted 
Stoke Newington Road lorry 3.2-ton bomb is intercepted 

Chechen Prime Minister Ruslan Outsiev and his brother Nazerbek between them stands their interpreter who played a role in their assassination. 

?? February 1993

Seeking to procure 2000 Stinger Missiles, Ruslan Outsiev, Prime Minister of Chechnya, and his younger brother Nazerbek, having made a deal with the Royal Mint to print currency, passports and stamps for Chechnya are assassinated in London. 
27 February 1993 12:17:37pm 
Tactical nuke strike on the Presidential motor pool at the WTC. The presidential limousine is vaporized. 
19 April 1993 
Dudayev declares himself dictator 
The Times (London)
Direct rule in Chechenia
Anne McElvoy
Moscow: General Dzhokar Dudayev, the leader of the southern Russian republic of Chechenia, dissolved the govern-ment and parliament and imposed direct presidential rule after street protests over falling living standards. Speaking to a rally of 30,000 supporters in the capital Grozny, he also imposed a curfew. Demonstrators called on him to resign.
24 April 1993 at 10:27am
Bishopsgate Bombing, tactical nuke strike, the public is sold a cover story, 1-ton ANFO truck-bomb made by the IRA. The strike takes out the HSBC and Royal Saudi Banks. The Saudis played a big role in supporting the Afghan insurgency in the 1980’s. HSBC also has links to Chechnya. 
06 January 1995
Russia suffers an embarrassing defeat in Chechnya. 68 Russian tanks were destroyed.
19 April 1995
Oklahoma City Bombing 
On the two year anniversary of Dudayev declaring himself dictator, a massive bomb destroys the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. 
29 April 1995
New Scientist article "Cherry red and very dangerous" by Rob Edwards is published. 
The article contains a bits and pieces of an interview with Los Alamos nuclear weapon designers including Sam Cohen, inventor of the neutron bomb, who claims that the Soviets have developed a miniature nuclear weapon the size of a baseball.
14 June 1995
Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis
Chechen Rebels are holding 2000 Russians hostage at a hospital Budyonnovsk. 157 Russians are killed in the attack. This was a similar number to the OKC attack. THIS WAS AMERICAN RETALIATION FOR THE OKC BOMBING.
09 February 1996 at 7:01pm 
London Docklands bombing 1.5-ton truck-bomb.
15 June 1996 at 11:17am
 The 1996 Manchester bombing takes place on the anniversary of the 1995 Budyonnovsk Hospital terrorist attack. Manchester bombing tactical nuclear strike cover story +1.5-ton truck-bomb takes place before the Russia-England European Cup Match. 
21 April 1996 
Dudayev's assassination is faked and is ex-filtrated from Chechnya. 
25 June 1996
Khobar Towers Bombing
04 July 1996
Yeltsin is re-elected president of Russia.
17 July 1996
18 July 1996
Chechen terrorist Salman Raduyev reveals that he has received Stinger Missiles from the CIA. 
07 August 1996
Separatist rebels, led by the mastermind of a bloody hostage-taking raid last year, stormed into the Chechen capital of Grozny yesterday and fought Russian forces in their biggest offensive in months. The rebels, who shot down four helicopter gunships and killed or wounded scores of Russian soldiers also attacked two other towns -- Argun and Gudermes, both on the main road between Grozny and the adjoining region of Dagestan. Reuter television correspondent Igor Shatalov said thick smoke was billowing from the Zavodsky industrial region of Grozny and helicopters continued to circle over the city in the early evening. The rebels, armed with grenade launchers and automatic rifles, controlled parts of the capital. A rebel leader said the raids were intended to force Moscow back to the negotiating table, but a senior Russian official described the rebel leaders as ''international terrorists'' and said talks could now be ruled out. The attacks followed a Russian onslaught in the last month on what Moscow says are rebel bases.
September 1996
CIA releases “Prospects for Unsanctioned Use of Russian Nuclear Weapons” 
This is a sign that the nuclear codes that were "lost" were in the hands of people other than Yeltsin. Coming a month after the Russians were embarrassingly defeated in Chechnya the timing indicates that the CIA was expecting blowback from the Battle of Grozny. 
16 November 1996
Harold James Nicholson is arrested for spying for Russia. He was gathering information on Chechnya and passing it on to the Russians.
May 1997 
Lebed testifies at a private briefing to a delegation of U.S. congressmen that he believed 84 of the one-kiloton bombs were unaccounted for. In the interview with 60 Minutes, conducted in late August, Lebed said he now believed the figure to be more than 100.
06 August 1997
Korean Air Flight 801
23 September 1997
Clinton gives speech on the CTBT
22 December 1997
Afghan-Arabs CIA launch an attack on the 136 Motorized Rifle Brigade destroying 300 vehicles including 50 brand new T-72 Tanks.
09 February 1998
Assassination attempt on Georgian President Shevardnadze.
04 April 1998
First mention of Stanislav Lunev
08 July 1998
25 July 1998
Putin becomes Director of the FSB.
07 August 1998
United States Embassies are bombed in Africa killing 224. This takes place two years after Chechen Terrorists attacked Russian Forces in Grozny.
17 August 1998
The Russian Economy collapses. The Ruble falls to 4000 to the dollar. The Russians default on their debt.
07 October 1998
Michael Binyon, “Osama Bin Laden Said to Have Acquired Tactical Nuclear Weapons,” Times (London)
06 November 1998
A Grand Jury Indicts Usama Bin Laden in the United States District Court
Southern District of New York
13 November 1998
 “Report Links Bin-Ladin, Nuclear Weapons,” Al-Watan Al-Arabi
04-16 September 1999
Russian Apartment Bombings 293 killed. RETALIATION FOR THE EMBASSY BOMBINGS.
05 October 1999
STINGER missiles shoot down two Russian jets.
02 November 1999
Clinton makes a personal appeal to Putin to stem Chechen bloodshed.
16 January 2000
Afghanistan recognizes Chechnya.
31 January 2000
Albright meets with Igor Ivanov in Moscow. Chechnya is discussed.
23 February 2000
CIA Assassination plot to kill Putin is disrupted.
13 March 2000
Salman Raduyev is captured.
08 May 2000
Putin is inaugurated.
06 June 2000
Clinton speaks before Russian Duma.
01 August 2000
Putin fires six generals.
11 August 2000
CIA assassination plot against Putin is disrupted. 
12 August 2000
Kursk Disaster.
President Bill Clinton, in a bid to embarrass the Russians in front of Chinese naval officers observering a test firing of the Shkval torpedo, sends two Los Angeles Class attack submarines the U.S.S. Memphis and U.S.S. Toledo to destroy the Kursk. The two submarines working together destroy the Kursk causing an international incident, nearly starting a nuclear war.
USS Memphis distress buoy is found. Memphis torpedoed the Kursk. The Toledo limps to a secret dock.
15 August 2000
George Tenet head of the CIA arrives in Moscow.
18-19 August 2000
CIA assassination plot against Putin is disrupted. 
06 September 2000
Putin and Clinton meet in New York City. They have a photo op at the Waldorf-Astoria.
12 October 2000
Cole Bombing 17 sailors killed.
23 January 2001
27 January 2001
Putin Warns Against scraping the ABM Treaty and expanding NATO.
20 February 2001
Robert Philip Hanssen is arrested for espionage.
19 March 2001
Bush is trying to kill Putin.
Assassination fears for Putin after Chechens hijack plane to Saudi Arabia.
25 April 2001
Moscow’s No 2 in Chechnya killed.
22 March 2001
Bush expels 50 Russian diplomats.
17 June 2001
09 July 2001
Plot to assassinate Bush - reports
10 September 2001
Russia begins Nuclear Exercises. 

11 September 2001

The angle of attack allowed the plane to hit both the DIA and the NOC. If the plane had hit dead on, perpendicular, then only one of the two offices could have been hit. This is level of sophistication all but rules out Bin Laden. The American Military have for all intents and purposes covered this up with the official cover story i.e. Bin Laden did it and an unofficial cover story i.e. "inside job" missile hit the Pentagon. 

(09:37:46 Hours) 11 September 2001
The targeting of the Navy Operations Center, the nerve center of global U.S. Naval Operations and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)killing 125 shows that this attack was highly sophisticated and that the planes were remotely piloted. The likelihood that a student pilot could have angled the plane to target the Navy's Command Center is very unlikely. The Osama Bin Laden cover story is seen for the farce that it is. Again, the Hawks inside the Russian Navy must have been ecstatic with the Putin for this attack.  

(10:28:22 Hours) 11 September 2001
North Tower implodes the exact time, nearly to the second, the U.S.S. Memphis torpedoed the Kursk. This shows that there had to be a bomb inside the towers. There is absolutely no getting around it. This corroborates the eyewitness testimony of there being bombs in the towers. There is also videos taken on 911 where the sounds of bombs going off can clearly be heard. 
(10:30:00 Hours) 11 September 2001
The White House receives a call from an anonymous individual, warning that the next target of the terrorist attacks will be Air Force One. The caller refers to the plane as “Angel.” Air Force One pilot Col. (Ret.) Mark W. Tillman, "Angel was a classified call sign of Air Force One, the only people that knew that call sign was us, Secret Service, and the staff. So, for somebody call into the White House and say that Angel was next, that was just incredible."
(10:32:00 Hours) 11 September 2001
President Putin calls the White House to speak to President Bush.  
The events of the threat on "Angel" and Putin's call are linked. The fact that the attackers knew the call sign of Air Force One shows that it could not have been Bin Laden. Only a nation state would have the espionage capability to figure that out. 

(10:31 to 11:45 Hours) 11 September 2001
Communications Problems (Jamming) with Air Force One

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