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In the early 1990's twenty-five Area-51 contractors, including Walter “Wally” Kasza and Robert “Bob” Frost, represented by Washington D.C. based lawyer Jonathan Turley, filed a lawsuit against the government for being exposed to “toxic waste." The contractors had radiation burns that caused their skin to fall off and other symptoms that were consistent with radiation poisoning. 

Enter Bob Lazar, the infamous Office of Naval Intelligence "whistle blower" from Area-51, who came out of the woodwork in May of 1989, a month after the announcement of the SR-71's retirement, alleging that Extraterrestrials, from Zeta Reticuli, were working with humans at the base. Where flying saucers were being reverse engineered. Lazar claimed they were working with the special element 119, not listed on the periodic table, which fueled the saucer. 

According to Lazar, he was hired to work at the base, after two workers were killed in an explosion caused by opening an operating reactor. This story, following the basic outline of what happened to Kasza and Frost, was clearly a dog whistle to the families of the dying and dead workers from Area-51, who came down with radiation poisoning during the decommission of the SR-71 in 1989. Lazar was cluing in these families to shut up. At least twenty-five workers were poisoned during the decommissioning of the Blackbird.  

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Video time 07:40-08:29
Interviewer: A bunch of scientists were killed in the project. What exactly happened there?
Bob Lazar: Allegedly, obviously I did not see this. I do not know it to be fact; but this is what I was told. I was hired to replace one of a couple people who were killed while working on one of the reactors on the crafts. Apparently, they for whatever reason cut open an operating reactor and the device exploded killing both of them. The scientists that were killed there allegedly the detonation from the explosion was fairly large. It would have rivaled a small tactical nuke. So, it was done at the Nevada Test Site and it was to be passed off as an unannounced nuclear test. 

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This is Marshall Holloway. He worked on the Manhattan Project and was one of the main scientists to work on developing the Hydrogen Bomb. He also played an unknown role in the development of the U-2 "spy" plane. In the late 1960's Holloway went to work as a vice president for the Budd Company a builder of railroad cars. He was undoubtedly tasked with overseeing the rail based missile program.

In 1955, Holloway left the Los Alamos National Laboratory for the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he worked on air defense projects. In 1957 he became head of the Nuclear Products-ERCO Division of ACF Industries. He was vice president of Budd Company from 1967 to 1969, when he retired to live in Jupiter, Florida, Holloway and his wife Harriet subsequently moved to Winter Haven, Florida, where his son Jerry, a retired United States Air Force officer, lived.[21] Holloway died there on June 18, 1991.[2]