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Given the timing of Oumuam's appearance, during nuclear tensions with Russia, N. Korea et al, and given that the speed (10% of light speed) and diameter of the "asteroid" are in the bounds of the size and performance of an Orion. So, it appears as though the asteroid Oumuam could be a Orion Space Battle Cruiser. This is how America controls the strategic high ground of space.

The "asteroid" is just a longer version of the Orion.


EDIT 03 November 2018

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The Betty Cash case shows that the U.S. Military was testing a nuclear thermal rocket craft with some kind of active camouflage. It was a landing vehicle of some kind.

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Project ICEWORM and Project HORIZON moon base have similar layout

Project ICEWORM was a cover for an experiment to learn how to build an extraterrestrial base. This experiment took place one year from the publication of the Project HORIZON document calling for a secret moon base. Camp CENTURY was built at the North Pole. This would also be useful in gaining an understanding how to build a base at the Martian Poles, where rocket fuel could be manufactured to fuel satellite weapons platforms like the CAMAL.


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911 & RUSSIA

Cognitive dissonance is a real thing. When I tell people that 911 was blowback from Chechnya. They do not know what to make of it. It's like I am speaking Chinese. The majority of American's have no idea where Chechnya is on a map. Nor do they know about the secret war America fought there. Tens of thousands of Russians died there because America funneled arms and fighters into the region. And there were no consequences for this? Come on....


The Moscow Times
August 22, 1997
Air Show Attendees Hail Cooperation
BYLINE: By Sujata Rao
SECTION: No. 1277
LENGTH: 697 words
Cooperation rather than competition is the mantra for the future of the international aerospace industry, representatives of Russian and international companies participating in the Moscow International Air Show said Thursday. "We are a state-owned institution but we are surviving on foreign orders," said Vladimir Lensky, a representative of Moscow's Khrunichev design bureau. Khrunichev has a partnership agreement with rocket maker Energiya and U.S.
-based Lockheed-Martin to sell the Proton rocket abroad. Orders worth nearly $ 3 billion have been procured, mostly from communications satellite launchers such as Motorola
and Immersat, Lensky said.

The representative of Russian avionics company Aviapribor was not quite as optimistic, given that domestic airlines are increasingly equipping their aircraft with Western engines and avionics.
The representative, who wished not to be identified, said Aviapribor, which supplied 80 percent of all avionics in Soviet times, is going through lean times. Russian-made airframes are perceived as being not only inexpensive, but also reliable and high-quality, as opposed to Russian-made avionics and engines. But he said Aviapribor signed an agreement in June to make components for Honeywell, the U.S. avionics-makers whose equipment is being used in the new Tupolev and Ilyushin jetliners. The 10 Tu-204 planes ordered by KrasAir on Wednesday use Honeywell and Allied Signal avionics.
"Naturally when Russian airlines choose Western-made avionics, it is rather hard on us," the representative said. "We were unable to finance research and modernization and when orders fell off the situation became worse."

Foreign companies are increasingly turning to Russia as a cheap and efficient manufacturing location as well as a source of raw materials. Russia's large pool of scientists also provides good joint research opportunities. At the air show two years ago, Aviapribor entered another joint venture, DAVIA, with Germany's Daimler-Benz Aerospace, or DASA, although production has not yet started.
"We want to improve relations with the aerospace industry in Russia," said Theodore Benien, spokesman for Daimler-Benz Aerospace. "We think our presence at (the air show) is a good platform to get closer contacts withPage 2474 Air Show Attendees Hail Cooperation The Moscow Times August 22, 1997 Russian companies." DASA has two other joint ventures with Russian companies: Eurockot Launch Services, a project with the Khrunichev design bureau to market Khrunichev's small rocket launcher, the Rockot-SS-19, and MAPS, a venture with MiG
manufacturer MAPO to service its aircraft in Germany.

In a clear sign that DASA is not pushing sales at the air show, it has decided not to display its fighter planes or combat helicopter in Moscow. "Our main purpose is cooperation rather than sales," Benien said, adding that his company is working with Tupolev to develop a plane powered with liquified hydrogen. He would not say, however, if DASA is advancing money to its Russian partners to commence production. Benien said Russia is particularly important to European aerospace companies as a counterbalance to the giant aerospace corporations in the United States. The European Union is actively promoting the creation of a European-Russian Aviation Center.

"In Western Europe we are looking very carefully at the restructuring process in the aerospace sector in Russia and CIS states," Benien said. "We hope in future Russia's contacts with Western Europe can be intensified instead of with the United States." Tickets to MAKS-97, which runs through Sunday, cost 25,000 rubles per person, with free admission for children younger than 8 years old. The bus ride into MAKS costs 10,000 rubles extra. Both tickets can be bought at the entrance. Zhukovsky is 60 kilometers east of Moscow and can be reached by car via the Volgogradsky and Ryazansky prospekts. A car pass, which costs 70,000 rubles, must be procured at the administrative complex, a 5-minute drive away from the entrance. Pedestrians are required to line up to board a bus into the exhibition complex. Another option is to take an express bus or marshrut-taxi from metro Vykhino.

LOAD-DATE: August 25, 1997
Copyright 1997 Independent Press


"I don't think that anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center take another one and slam it into the Pentagon. That they would try to use an airplane as a missile; a hijacked airplane as a missile." 
-Condoleeza Rice

Dr. Rice gives it away and then makes a save. 
Missiles are guided by electronics. Hijacked airplanes are not. She corrects herself to stay with official story. The Russians have had a long standing relationship with Honeywell the manufacturers of Boeing 757-767 electronics suite. And Honeywell was penetrated by Russian intelligence (Lunev 158). What the government is covering up is that America's industrial controls have been compromised by Russian hackers. The malicious code is probably still in the avionics suite.

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In light of the fact that the federal government had been electronically decapitated on 911. We can now see the beheading of Daniel Pearl, a likely CIA agent working under a journalist cover, from a new perspective. This was the FSB/GRU dog-whistling to the American leadership. While America does have an ace up it's sleeve with its off world bases and laser armed satellites that does not mean we will come away from this unscathed. It appears as though the whole line of Presidential succession would have been wiped out on 911, if Russia had decided to follow up their commando raid with ICBM's. So, I believe that Daniel Pearl was captured by the Russians or their proxies and used as a prop in a PSYOP aimed at President Bush, the National Security Council and everyone else in the know about the communications jamming that took place on 911.


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NEST is established. Col. Lunev- his most spectacular claim concerned the smuggling of nuclear devices known as RA-115s. He claimed they included a submersible version and were manufactured in Soviet defense factories in the 1970s. This is the same time NEST was established.
In a leaked CIA document it is revealed that the CIA thought Chechnya was a good place to run a covert operation to destabilize the USSR. 
15 May 1987
Polyus is shot down.
21 August 1991
Coup attempt in Moscow.
The first mention of possible loose Soviet tactical nuclear weapons. Gorbachev loses control of USSR's nuclear codes. Experts fear loss of tactical nuclear weapons from arsenal. 
3 November 1991
Chechnya declares independence from Russia.
10 November 1991
Russia accuses Chechens of hijacking an Aeroflot airliner. The plane was flown to Ankara.
13 November 1991
Yeltsin sends troops into Chechnya.
25 March 1992
Col. Lunev defects to the United States.
01 April 1992
18 in federation pact: Russia saved from break-up
Emergency declared in Chechen region
09 June 1992
Aeroflot Hijack
Moscow: A man from the breakaway Caucasus republic of Chechenia was killed by security forces at Vnukovo air-port, Moscow, after attempting to hijack an Aeroflot jet from Grozny to Turkey with a grenade, Tass said. The man, who was in his thirties, had threatened to blow up a Tupolev-134 aircraft.
07 September 1992
All air links are cut off from Chechnya
13 November 1992
Chechens Rush to confront Russian Troops
16 November 1992
Dudayev declares martial law.
Late 1992
Bill Clinton meets with the Chechen Islamo-Nazi terrorist Dudayev.
27 February 1993
WTC is bombed.
7 people are killed and 300 injured. Col. Lunev asserts that the terrorists that bombed the WTC were trained by Russia.
04 April 1993
Yeltsin / Clinton Summit
In response to protests Dudayev declares one man rule in Chechnya.
24 April 1993
May 1993
Stinger Missiles shoot down Russian Su-25 fighter-bomber in Tajikistan.
03 August 1993
Viktor Polyanichko and General Anatoly Koretsky are assassinated in North Ossetia.
21 April 1994
Clinton gets a new limousine.
29 November 1994
Chechen government officials said two Russian-made helicopters and one jet had been downed by Stinger missiles. There was no confirmation of this from Moscow.
11 December 1994
Yeltsin sends troops into Chechnya.
16 December 1994
Half the population of Grozny has been evacuated.
01 January 1995
Russian tank advance in Chechnya is stymied.
04 January 1995
“Time running out for Clinton fence-sitting”
Concerns that the Russians could lose control of their nuclear weapons is voiced, if the USA supports Chechen terrorists.
06 January 1995
Russia suffers an embarrassing defeat in Chechnya. 68 Russian tanks were destroyed.
11 January 1995
CIA Director James Woolsey testifies before congress. He claimed that disarray is possible due to the Chechnya situation. It is clear that America’s goal was to dismember Russia much the same way the Soviet Union was dismembered using the Chechen terrorists to accomplish this goal. 
17 April 1995
Russia says it will ignore parts of pact on Conventional Forces
19 April 1995 09:02 hours
Bomb goes off at OKC.
11 May 1995
Clinton meets with Russian opposition leaders in Moscow embassy. Yeltsin opposes expansion of NATO into former Warsaw Pact countries.
12 May 1995
Richard Nixon is in Russia. He meets with VP of Russia.
22 May 1995
Dzhokhar Dudayev phone goes dead. The Russians have figured out how to jam satellite phone communications. This ability would come into play with great effect on 911. When the president's plane has it's communications jammed. 
14 June 1995
Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis
Chechen Rebels are holding 2000 Russians hostage at a hospital Budyonnovsk. 157 Russians are killed in the attack. This was a similar number to the OKC attack. THIS WAS AMERICAN RETALIATION FOR THE OKC BOMBING.
19 June 1995
G-7 Summit
Clinton urges Yeltsin to pull out of Chechnya and compares the Chechen hospital hostage situation to the OKC bombing. A similar number of Russians end up being killed in the attack. Clinton said he opposed the Russian government's military crackdown in Chechnya and, referring to Budyonnovsk, said, “Nothing, nothing, can justify this outrageous act at your hospital and innocent people being killed. It's just wrong."
30 June 1995
Charles Key holds press conference at the Oklahoma capital. Retired Brigadier General Partin testifies that a fertilizer bomb could not have caused the damage.  

General Partin claims that Governor Keating did not want the State Legislature to investigate the bombing. 
February 1996
Russian President Boris Yeltsin ordered that industrial espionage become the top priority for the country's intelligence agencies. High tech know how high on list. 9-11 was a high tech attack.
21 April 1996
DZHOKHAR DUDAYEV ALLEGEDLY KILLED. He was supposedly tracked by his satellite telephone.
15 June 1996
Manchester Bombing 
Anniversary of the Budyonnovsk hospital 
25 June 1996
Khobar Towers Bombing
04 July 1996
Yeltsin is re-elected president of Russia.
17 July 1996
18 July 1996
Chechen terrorist Salman Raduyev reveals that he has received Stinger Missiles from the CIA. 
07 August 1996
Separatist rebels, led by the mastermind of a bloody hostage-taking raid last year, stormed into the Chechen capital of Grozny yesterday and fought Russian forces in their biggest offensive in months. The rebels, who shot down four helicopter gunships and killed or wounded scores of Russian soldiers also attacked two other towns -- Argun and Gudermes, both on the main road between Grozny and the adjoining region of Dagestan. Reuter television correspondent Igor Shatalov said thick smoke was billowing from the Zavodsky industrial region of Grozny and helicopters continued to circle over the city in the early evening. The rebels, armed with grenade launchers and automatic rifles, controlled parts of the capital. A rebel leader said the raids were intended to force Moscow back to the negotiating table, but a senior Russian official described the rebel leaders as ''international terrorists'' and said talks could now be ruled out. The attacks followed a Russian onslaught in the last month on what Moscow says are rebel bases.
September 1996
CIA releases “Prospects for Unsanctioned Use of Russian Nuclear Weapons”
This is a sign that the nuclear codes that were "lost" were in the hands of people other than Yeltsin. Coming a month after the Russians were embarrassingly defeated in Chechnya the timing indicates that the CIA was expecting blowback from the Battle of Grozny. 
16 November 1996
Harold James Nicholson is arrested for spying for Russia. He was gathering information on Chechnya and passing it on to the Russians.
May 1997 
Lebed said at a private briefing to a delegation of U.S. congressmen that he believed 84 of the one-kiloton bombs were unaccounted for. In the interview with 60 Minutes, conducted in late August, Lebed said he now believed the figure to be more than 100.
06 August 1997
Korean Air Flight 801
23 September 1997
Clinton gives speech on the CTBT
22 December 1997
Afghan-Arabs CIA launch an attack on the 136 Motorized Rifle Brigade destroying 300 vehicles including 50 brand new T-72 Tanks.
09 February 1998
Assassination attempt on Georgian President Shevardnadze.
04 April 1998
First mention of Stanislav Lunev
08 July 1998
25 July 1998
Putin becomes Director of the FSB.
07 August 1998
United States Embassies are bombed in Africa killing 224. This takes place two years after Chechen Terrorists attacked Russian Forces in Grozny.
17 August 1998
The Russian Economy collapses. The Ruble falls to 4000 to the dollar. The Russians default on their debt.
07 October 1998
Michael Binyon, “Osama Bin Laden Said to Have Acquired Tactical Nuclear Weapons,” Times (London)
06 November 1998
A Grand Jury Indicts Usama Bin Laden in the United States District Court
Southern District of New York
13 November 1998
 “Report Links Bin-Ladin, Nuclear Weapons,” Al-Watan Al-Arabi
04-16 September 1999
Russian Apartment Bombings 293 killed. RETALIATION FOR THE EMBASSY BOMBINGS.
05 October 1999
STINGER missiles shoot down two Russian jets.
02 November 1999
Clinton makes a personal appeal to Putin to stem Chechen bloodshed.
16 January 2000
Afghanistan recognizes Chechnya.
31 January 2000
Albright meets with Igor Ivanov in Moscow. Chechnya is discussed.
23 February 2000
CIA Assassination plot to kill Putin is disrupted.
13 March 2000
Salman Raduyev is captured.
08 May 2000
Putin is inaugurated.
06 June 2000
Clinton speaks before Russian Duma.
01 August 2000
Putin fires six generals.
11 August 2000
CIA assassination plot against Putin is disrupted. 
12 August 2000
Kursk Disaster.
President Bill Clinton, in a bid to embarrass the Russians in front of Chinese naval officers observering a test firing of the Shkval torpedo, sends two Los Angeles Class attack submarines the U.S.S. Memphis and U.S.S. Toledo to destroy the Kursk. The two submarines working together destroy the Kursk causing an international incident, nearly starting a nuclear war.
USS Memphis distress buoy is found. Memphis torpedoed the Kursk. The Toledo limps to a secret dock.
15 August 2000
George Tenet head of the CIA arrives in Moscow.
18-19 August 2000
CIA assassination plot against Putin is disrupted. 
06 September 2000
Putin and Clinton meet in New York City. They have a photo op at the Waldorf-Astoria.
12 October 2000
Cole Bombing 17 sailors killed.
23 January 2001
27 January 2001
Putin Warns Against scraping the ABM Treaty and expanding NATO.
20 February 2001
Robert Philip Hanssen is arrested for espionage.
19 March 2001
Bush is trying to kill Putin.
Assassination fears for Putin after Chechens hijack plane to Saudi Arabia.
25 April 2001
Moscow’s No 2 in Chechnya killed.
22 March 2001
Bush expels 50 Russian diplomats.
17 June 2001
09 July 2001
Plot to assassinate Bush - reports
11 September 2001
Attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. Happens roughly two years to the date of the Moscow Apartment bombings. 
12 September 2001
Russian Cancel planned nuclear exercises.
15 November 2001
Putin meets with Bush in Crawford Texas.
December 2001
Bush withdraws from the ABM treaty.
22 August 2002
Vladimir Golovlyov is assassinated.
19 October 2002
Valentin Tsvetkov is assassinated.
23 October 2002
Nord-Ost hostage siege. Chechen terrorists take the Dubrovka Theater hostage.
22 November 2002
Bush travels to Russia. He urges Russia to give Chechnya independence.
12 March 2003
Zoran Đinđić is assassinated.
17 April 2003
Sergei N. Yushenkov is assassinated.
06 June 2003
Igor Klimov and Sergei Shchitko are assassinated.
03 July 2003
Yuri Petrovich Shchekochikhin, journalist, is assassinated.  
20 October 2003
Scotland Yard foils plot to kill Putin.
13 February 2004
Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev is assassinated with a car bomb in Qatar.
07 April 2004
CIA attempts to kill Ingush President Zyazikov with a car bomb.
09 May 2004
Bush has CIA assassinate Chechen President Akmad Kadyrov.
09 July 2004
Paul Klebnikov, editor of Forbes Russian edition is assassinated. 
14 July 2004
Assassination attempt on Sergei Abramov.
01 September 2004
CIA sponsored Beslan massacre. 385 people die. 
11 September 2004
The al-Islambouli Brigades (Egypt) threaten to assassinate Putin.
14 February 2005
Rafik Hariri is assassinated.
08 March 2005
CIA sponsored Chechen terrorist Aslan Maskhadov is assassinated.
18 March 2005
Anatoly Chuais survives assassination attempt. 
06 March 2006
Foreign Policy Magazine puts Putin at number 2 on a list of leaders likely to face assassination.
04 May 2006
VP Cheney accuses Moscow of using its oil and gas reserves as tools and intimidation.
14 September 2006
Andrei Andreyevich Kozlov is assassinated. He was the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from 1997 to 1999 and again in 2002 to 2006. Kozlov was fluent in Russian, German, and English. He was married, and had three children.
07 October 2006
Anna Politkovskaya, an American born and pro-Chechen journalist was assassinated.  
23 November 2006
Alexander Litvinenko is assassinated in London.
02 March 2007
Ivan Safronov, a military affairs journalist in Russia, died in a fall from the fifth floor of his apartment building. This was an assassination.
04 March 2007
Paul M. Joyal, former KGB general and defector, is shot in front of his home.
19 July 2007
Russians expel four British diplomats.
15 October 2007
Putin is warned of assassination plot to kill him in Tehran using suicide bombers. The United States is the culprit.
12 February 2008
Badri Patarkatsishvili is assassinated.
02 March 2008
30 March 2008
Sulim Yamadayev Chechen terrorist is assassinated in Dubai.
15 January 2012
Russia’s Mars Probe is shot down.


I was watching Oliver Stone being interviewed about his new project on Putin. He said that the Russians are using a Strangelovian system, meaning that if their is a decapitation attack the Russian Generals have the right to respond on there own. If the CIA ever succeeds in assassinating Putin, much of the rest of humanity will die as well. If even one of the generals decides to retaliate. This makes organizing a coup much harder. 


Unless you believe that UFO's exist, this timeline shows that there was a working nuclear airplane in the air by 1947. Because these UFO incidents clearly show that something radioactive was flying in the air. The simplest answer to the identity of these craft is that they were part of the NEPA and ANP programs. 
NEPA allowed the contractors who were already working on a nuclear propelled airplane under the Manhattan Project to talk with Congress to gain funding under peace time.
Germany flies over the Eastern Seaboard from Boston to New York.
August 1944
Eugene Sanger and J. Bredt publish “A ROCKET DRIVE FOR LONG RANGE BOMBERS”
09 January 1946 
English Electric received a contract to produce four prototypes, which received the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) designation A.1; work commenced on the construction of these prototype aircraft in that same year, which were all built on production jigs.
Richard S Leghorn MIT graduate advocates development of high resolution photo reconnaissance of a potential enemy using high altitude aircraft.
06 March 1946
Iron Curtain Speech
May 1946
NEPA begins
13 December 1946
The New York Times reveals that Germany had overflown the Eastern seaboard from Boston to New York.
23 February 1947
San Diego Union article declaring a remotely controlled atomic airplane was being built.
May 1947
UFO’s are seen over the Soviet Union in Uzbek S.S.R.
21 June 1947
Maury Island Incident.
An airplane powered by a molten salt reactor disintegrates hitting a boat, killing a dog and injuring a boy onboard.
24 June 1947
Kenneth Arnold UFO Mt. Rainer flying @ 1700 mph or 2.289060241 Mach. Arnold believes that the craft was remotely controlled.
05 July 1947
The first UFO reports for project SIGN at Edwards AFB.
July 1947
Pentagon officials were expressing alarm about the flying disk reports
01 October 1948
Project SIGN Case Number: 172
The third most publicly celebrated UFO case of the Project SIGN period would again involve one of the military’s own personnel. A drama would be played out in the North Central area of the United States. In a sparsely populated area of the country a modern cowboy would face a showdown with an unidentified flying object. This case would be listed in the Project SIGN files as Incident Number 172, and to be commonly known as, "The UFO Dogfight over Fargo." When the team from Project SIGN arrived they checked out Gorman’s aircraft with a Geiger counter. The aircraft showed signs of radiation. Unfortunately, the team would later discard this aspect of the incident.
February 1949
Project Grudge begins
25 November 1949
Mt. Palomar, California
Flying Discs Activate Geiger Counters
Fran Ridge:
Nov. 25, 1949; Mt. Palomar, California
Flying discs first observed near the observatory at Mt. Palomar. A recording Geiger counter was so activated at the times of these sightings that it went completely off scale. Written off as an equipment malfunction, a loose fuse clip. Not only would this turn the equipment off, instead of on, the Project
Record Card mentions a radar tracking. *
The Soviet Ministry of Defence established a top-secret group (committee) for studying UFOs at Kapustin Yar. A special UFO archive was opened at Krasny Kut in Saratov Region (in an underground bunker in the special zone of Beryozovka 2). The archive was opened as a direct result of the appearance of several UFOs over Krasny Kut and Kapustin Yar in 1954 and the disappearance of the fighters sent to intercept them.
26 December 1980
Rendlesham Forest incident
29 December 1980
On the evening of December 29, 1980, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum (Vickie's
seven-year-old grandson) were driving home to Dayton, Texas in Cash's Oldsmobile Cutlass after dining out.
16 September 1989
A battle between seven UFOs was fought in the sky over the port of Zaostrovka on the River Kama just west of Perm. Six silvery disks attacked and fired a beam of light into a seventh, darker coloured craft, which reportedly crashed into a military training ground located a hundred miles to the north of Perm.

The aerial combat was witnessed by dozens of people, who reported that all the electricity went off in the port during the event.

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The Nazis were way ahead in high altitude flight. If they had the atomic bomb in 1943, the landscape of New York would be different today. So, if the war had not ended on VE-Day 08 May 1945, then ICBM's would have been raining down on New York in November of 1945. It would have been one hell of a Thanksgiving for America. 

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Russell Targ standing next to his megawatt laser in the 1960's.. 
The product announcement for the CDC 6600 was made in 1963. This computer had the necessary computing power to run the programs used to shoot down missiles ("CDC 6600"). The successor to the computer the CDC 7600 was actually used by the Air Force to track Soviet ICBM's. Megawatt lasers were built in 1963 (Targ 98). The SNAP family of reactors were being developed in the 1960's to power the manned satellites such as the MOL ( 88 AIR FORCE WEAPONS LABORATORY). This reactors were being developed to produce electrical power in the multi-megawatt range; the range needed to the computers and lasers for a space based laser. So, all the pieces of the puzzle were there. 


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  1. The successor to the CDC 6600, the CDC 7600 were used for  missile launch and inbound tracking of Soviet ICBM's.
  2. "CDC also manufactured two multi-processor computers based on the 7600, with the model number 7700.[22] They consisted of two 7600 machines in an asymmetric configuration: a central and an adjunct machine. They were used for missile launch and inbound tracking of USSR ICBMs. The radar simulator was a real-time simulator with a CDC 6400 for input/output front-end. These systems were to be used in the Pacific Missile Range. One computer was installed at TRW in Redondo Beach CA (later moved to Kwajalein Atoll, South Pacific), and the second one was installed at McDonnell Douglas in Huntington Beach CA. They were actual 7600s connected by chassis 25 to make them a 7600 MP. The operating system was TOS/BOS (Tactical Operating System/Basic Operating System).[23]"

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The threat, "Angel is next" was considered to be credible the day of 911. If this is the case and 'next' means 'next to be hijacked' then the hijacking of the planes must have been electronic. All of the flying that day suggests the planes were remotely flown into the buildings. Out of all of the hijackings Flight 77's crash into the Pentagon is the best evidence for remote hijacking.

At 9:29am Hani Hanjour disengages the autopilot, makes a corkscrew 330 degree descending right turn to hit the Pentagon. This is known as a spiral descent and shows that the pilots were trying to avoid being hit by an infrared heat seeking missile. Which entails that the Pentagon has a missile defense system. The plane was angled 145 degrees to the face of the Pentagon, so as to hit both the DIA and NOC these two offices were inside the inner second ring of the Pentagon. That is a quite an incredible piece of flying. 

It is really inconceivable that a man who flunked out of pilot school could have truly been at the controls that day. It would have been hard for a professional pilot to perform those maneuvers and hit both offices. So, the planes were remotely hijacked. There is no getting around it. And, the threat 'Angel is next' is more evidence for that fact. I wonder if anyone has conducted a post mortem inspection of the code for the Honeywell avionics suite. I am sure that if they have the whole thing is classified. 

The government is promoting the cruise missile conspiracy theory. They are the only ones that benefit from it. The cruise missile theory takes your eye off the ball and the truth might have shut down the whole airline industry. In America the all mighty dollar rules above all else. The interest of big business trumps the truth and public safety. The hidden camera footage of the impact likely shows sensitive things about the Pentagon's defenses. This is why the tape has not been released. The emplacement of the missiles would be given away and because the Pentagon is a fixed structure the likelihood is; they are still there, because that is the optimal placement. 


The 757-200 has the horsepower needed to go over 1500 Mph at sea level. Maximum Horsepower of a 757 is 1,675,665 for 127.5 tons. 200,000 horsepower is needed to move 25 tons 1500 Mph at sea level. The 757 weighs 5.1 times 25 tons. Therefore the 757 needs 1,020,000 horsepower to fly 1500 mph or 1.97 Mach at sea level. So it is conceivable that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon travelling over Mach 2. This is another reason why the footage of the crash is still secret. If Flight 77 was going Mach 2 or more at the time of impact into this would account for the multiring breach at the Pentagon. But, this also breaks with the official story. It is impossible for them to explain. So the "it was a missile" diversion was created. It is a lot easier to throw up a lot of chaff rather than deal with explaining what really happened, especially if what really happened involves hacking the Honeywell avionics suite. 


JUNE 1968
The 5 Gigawatt Phoebus 2A (not pictured here) was successfully tested at over 4 Gigawatts. Till this day Phoebus is still the most powerful nuclear reactor ever. 

Pictured here are the positions of Earth relative to Mars from APOLLO 8 to 12. Mars is closest to Earth during the Apollo 10 and Apollo 11 launches. 

These are the arrival times assuming an NTR doubled the top speed of the chemical J-2 engine. 

21 December 1968 – Day 355 of 1969 – Apollo 8
The Earth is 174,950,720 miles from Mars a 175-day trip from Mars. Arriving 14 June 1969.

03 March 1969-Apollo 9 - Day 62 of 1969
The Earth is 103,185,600 miles from Mars. 103-day trip to Mars. Arriving 14 June 1969.

19 May 1969 – Apollo 10 - Day 139 of 1969
The Earth is 48,153,280 miles from Mars. 48-day trip to Mars. Arriving 06 July 1969.

16 July 1969—Apollo 11 day 197 of 1969
The Earth is 52,987,200 miles from Mars. 53-day trip to Mars. Arriving 07 September 1969.

14 November 1969-Apollo 12 day 318 of 1969.
The Earth is 116,571,840 miles from Mars. A 116 day trip to Mars. Arriving 10 March 1970.

I believe that Mars was used to test the SDI system. During the late 70's America intervenes in Afghanistan to give the Soviets their "Vietnam." Fighting a unconventional proxy war on the borders of the Soviet Union was a provocative move. It played a role in the collapse of the Soviet System and ended up starting insurgencies inside Russia herself. America then funded these terrorists, giving them support in intelligence, communication, arms and personnel. This was even more provocative it begs the questions why did Russia put up with it for so long? And why did America feel as though they could get away with it?

The answer to that question is SDI. There is a very reliable system of SDI in place. Well, maybe not as reliable as some would think given the events of 911. But, definitely reliable enough that the Americans decided to conduct a war inside Russia. But where could you test such a system? Mars was the testing ground of the SDI system.  The NERVA rocket engine if used in the 3rd stage of the Apollo could have put up 500,000 pounds or 250 tonnes into LEO. This is the same amount of payload that the Project Horizon document states that the Army's secret moon base needs. It was going to take 61 Saturn I and 88 SATURN II launches to put 250 tonnes on the moon. 
It is conceivable that even more could be put into orbit. If the Phoebus 5000 MW engine had been utilized. 833 tonnes of payload can be put into LEO. I think it is safe to say that the goals of Project HORIZON could be realized in a single launch and the technology was there. 

So, the technology was there to put the lunar orbiter and the command module plus a hidden Mars Mission in the 3 stage of the Saturn V. These tests would have taken place in the 1970's and 80's. I have written elsewhere about Dr John Brandenburg and his claims of an ancient Martian nuclear war. I believe that this is really evidence of human habitation and use of Mars as a testing ground. But, SDI could very easily have been tested there as well. Multi missile volleys could be tested on Mars out of the sight of everyone. In January 2012 Russia attempted the first Mars mission to bring back soil samples. I think this was shot down possibly to prevent them from discovering evidence of human habitation. 


UPDATED 05 March 2018

“A Saturn-V with a first generation NERVA I (1500 MW, 825 seconds) as its third stage could boost almost 500,000 pounds to LEO.” (Dewar & Bussard, 94). The 5000MW Phoebus 2A, assuming direct proportionality, would have been able to put up 1,666,667 pounds of payload into LEO. This was 6.4 times the payload of the chemical Saturn-V or over a quarter of the Saturn-V's takeoff weight. The Saturn-V put about 35% of its LEO weight to the moon. A PHOEBUS 2A would have put 583,333 pounds 291 tonnes to the surface of the moon or 9% of the takeoff weight. This is nearly nine times more weight taken to the moon than the chemical Saturn-V. 

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The Saturn-V put about 35% of its LEO weight to the moon. A PHOEBUS 2A would have put 583,333 pounds to the surface of the moon. 
Fully fueled, the Saturn V weighed 6.5 million pounds (2,950 metric tons) and had a low Earth orbit payload capacity originally estimated at 261,000 pounds(118,000 kg), but was designed to send at least 90,000 pounds (41,000 kg) to the Moon.

30 March 2018
It is notable that all of the S-IVB boosters from Apollo 8 to 12 are in a heliocentric orbit. 

This was the position of Mars to Earth for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launch. 
Another clue that we went to Mars was the return of Apollo-12 in 2002.