Saturday, 29 July 2017


If one reads "Design of Air Frames for Nuclear Power" written by Kelly Johnson and then looks at the design of the SR-71 it is clear it was designed for nuclear power. Looking at the drawings one sees that the fuel was used to shield the pilots from radiation. The SR-71 either utilized an indirect liquid fuel reactor as its powerplant that was placed in the center of gravity of the plane or SNAP-8 sized reactors were used and mounted in the engines. Shadow shielding was all that was needed to protect the pilots once the plane was above 90,000 feet.

This is the layout that Kelly Johnson thought was best to shield the pilots of the nuclear plane. The SR-71 follows this layout. As you can see the SR-71 landing gear folds up into the fuselage. There is also about 50 feet worth of fuel between the pilot and where the reactor is. That's a lot of shield. The SR-71 also had boronated fuel on the plane. This fuel also played a role in mitigating the radiation problem.

The placement of the bombs also matches the placement of the bombs in Kelly Johnson's nuclear bomber. As you can see the bombs have a forward placement.

They were working on a delta wing aircraft for the ANP all along. The Nuclear SR-71 Blackbird just makes more sense. The chemical bird was very limited. It had no legs. It could fly for about 90 minutes at mach 3 speeds before needing to refuel. The nuclear SR-71 had virtually unlimited range. Going nuclear turns the SR-71 into a superweapon. 

The J-58 engine for the SR-71 was the nuclear direct cycle engine being developed under the Project PLUTO program. The payload of the plane developed under PLUTO was 25% of total mass [1]. Using the PLUTO engines, a bomber version of the SR-71 would carry 43,000 pounds, the same payload as a B-52C heavy bomber. 

1. "General Branch Says Ramjet Will Preclude Rocket, Airplane". Nucleonics August 1960. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017


When you have nuclear powered aircraft, you no longer need a navy. If the NUCLEAR blackbird A-12 had been used in Vietnam. It could have been based out of the Philippines and had a faster response time than carrier based aircraft. The whole US Navy is outdated garbage. The whole fleet would be sacrificed in some pre-emptive strike scenarios. So why have a navy? The only answer is corporate welfare. There is no need for a navy. The continental United States is your aircraft carrier, when you have a fleet of hypersonic aerospace planes. Pilots could do their mission and come home to their families. I guess Navy pilots like being on a cramped ship sharing a room some other sweaty dude.

Friday, 7 July 2017


If you can build a laser system that can pick out mosquitos from other insects and kill them, you can build an anti-missile defense system that can pick out dummy warheads from real warheads and intercept them. The U.S. ruling class deployed such a system using their Black Space Shuttle program operating out of Area-51. This system nullified the Soviet Union's nuclear deterrent and ultimately led to their defeat. The Cold War ended not due to Soviet collapse. It ended because the Soviet's were militarily defeated in Space.