Friday, 31 March 2017


The Russians have been flexing their muscles recently in Syria and showing the world their cruise missile prowess.

In my neck of the woods there has been a proliferation of street light cell towers. This is the latest counter move to Russian missile developments.

Ostensibly these towers are for mobile phones. But this most likely just a cover for a radar system capable of detecting stealth aircraft. In this case stealth cruise missiles. The advantage of a cruise missile is that it does not follow a parabolic path. So, its trajectory is less predictable making interception more difficult.

Cell towers were crucial to the shoot down of the F-117 over Serbia back in 1999. The microwaves coming from cell phone communications creates a sea of electromagnetic energy. These waves bounce of things in the environment. Any object travelling through this sea will create a wake. With the right amount of computing power and enough cell towers the imaging of this wake is performed. Cell towers were not as numerous back in the 90's so the image resolution must have been primitive. Given the number of cell towers we have today image resolution must be much better in order to resolve something as small as a cruise missile.
This information is then fed to ground based lasers or stealth airships armed with lasers to shoot down the cruise missiles from the top down.These towers also have a domestic spying use as well. They can be used to monitor wifi and cell phone communications.

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Friday, 24 March 2017


STATUS-6 is a litmus test of Russian sovereignty. The degree to which they are actually sovereign over themselves is in doubt. For the past 2 decades they have been selling off their weapons grade plutonium and uranium to the United States. They have let their early warning satellites fall into disrepair. Their news outlet aimed at the west RT is populated by so many "former" intelligence assets from the CIA/DIA that one can only conclude RT is a black propaganda outlet. Putin is the west's man. For all of the bellyaching the west has done for Putin he is still their guy. Putin did not invade Ukraine as he should have to overthrow the fascist regime that took over the country in a coup. The fact of the matter is Russia has no credible deterrent unless they actually field the STATUS-6. The thing is the STATUS-6 is in all likelihood a fabrication designed to appease Russian hardliners who think that Putin is soft. STATUS-6 with its salted cobalt warhead is a massive deterrent to American preemptive strike. For to launch such a strike when the STATUS-6 is offshore means ecological disaster for the United States.

Sunday, 19 March 2017


The latest Russian Doomsday Device having been christened "Status-6" is designed to destroy carrier task forces and American Ports leaving them unusable for tens of years. This would destroy the American economy because the ports are essential for trade. American submarine commanders will be in a pickle once this weapon is deployed. For example an American Submarine undoubtedly sank the Kursk. This weapon is designed to stop such attacks from occurring again by significantly upping the ante for conducting such an attack.

When a Cobalt salted "Status-6" is operating off American Shores in the near future and American commanders decide to pull a Kursk they will have to think twice because to do so will create an ecological disaster off the coast of the United States. This will render large parts of American fishing grounds and ports unusable for decades. Members of congress are already crying foul and are demanding a treaty to ban such weapons. Although a treaty is highly unlikely. This weapon system is the only viable counter American stealth satellite attack.

Given the reported 100 Megaton yield of the weapon it is also designed to destroy whole fleets. The image above from the Operation HARDTACK tests in the 1950's shows what an 8 Kiloton device can do. Being several orders of magnitude larger a 100 Megaton device will cause a tidal wave much larger, about 500 meters tall, a carrier task force may not be safe within a few hundred miles of the "Status-6." The outline of the Liberty Ship in the photo gives some idea of the scale of the 8 Kiloton weapon. Liberty Ships are about half the length of a Nimitz Class Carrier. The 8 Kiloton Weapon had a devastating effect on the ship to say the least. The effect of a 100 Megaton cobalt salted weapon is unimaginably horrendous.

At 100 Megatons the Status-6 weapon is 2 times the size of the Tsar Bomba the largest weapon ever tested. When compared to the Hiroshima Bomb it is unimaginable.  

This move is completely logical given the fact Russians can not defend themselves from Stealth Satellite attack. Nor can they defend their own submarine fleet. The Kursk incident shows that to be the case. "Status-6" will insure the safety of the Russian fleet because a Kursk style disaster off the coast of the United States that releases large amounts of radioactive Cobalt will devastate the American Economy.  This system might even tax the limits of any chemical fueled ASW system of aircraft because the square mileage that they will have to cover will be immense. Fleet defense for the United States Navy will be nothing more than a fantasy, when the Russians deploy this weapon. The Russians have to do this in order to have a credible deterrent.

There is a silver lining to all of this. If U.S. Military ever does conduct a satellite surprise attack that takes out its own fleet, they now have a cover story to tell the survivors in the bomb shelters.

This weapon also shows the level of desperation the Russians have come to have. In order to deploy such a weapon means that the Russians are willing to destroy part of their own coast line. For this reason I suspect this weapon will be home ported somewhere in Siberia probably near Alaska where an American attack on the "Status-6" will be problematic for both nations.

Monday, 6 March 2017


The doomsday machine the Soviets built in the late 50's early 60's was the initial response to America's surprise attack capability. Since they are not able to beat back the American surprise attack. They sought to make the world uninhabitable for the American Ruling Class (ARC). It is hard to live a Playboy lifestyle from the confines of a bomb shelter or on off world bases on the moon and Mars. In other words the Soviets were not able to win a nuclear war against the American Ruling Class where their ruling class would survive but they could make it impossible for the American Ruling Class to live on planet Earth in the comfort they are accustomed. If winning a nuclear war is defined as the ruling class of the aggressor nation survives, then no nation on Earth can win against the American Ruling Class. This is because the ARC controls the high ground of space.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

OKNO the Russian Response to American Stealth Satellites

The Soviet response to American Stealth Satellite Weapons was to build OKNO which means "window" in Russian. OKNO is an optical tracking station. This means that OKNO monitors the visible spectrum of light. The stealth satellites are invisible to radar but will still reflect light from the sun. This is one way of tracking these weapons platforms, if it is assumed the satellites do not use optical camouflage.