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The first reported radioactive UFO sightings took place a year and eight months after it was reported that an "atom-propelled plane" was being built. UFO's were and still are the cover story for sightings of Nuclear Aerospace-craft. Project SIGN and Project Grudge, the precursors to Project BLUEBOOK, were started shortly after NEPA and was based at Wright Field one of the bases involved in the NEPA program. The first nuclear plane was most likely the B-36. It was flying in the mid-1940's, a decade earlier than what has been claimed in the official literature. A modified Canberra was the next plane to be modified to fly under nuclear power. At high altitude it was flying at Mach 2+ in the early 1950's. Canberra overflights of the Soviet Union in the early 1950's caused the deaths of many Soviet pilots tasked with intercepting the plane. Soviet planes stalled out attempting to climb to the Canberra's high altitude causing them to crash. 

Case 172 took place in a "sparsely populated" part of the country like so many UFO incidents, by conducting tests in the countryside the program mitigated the risks of radiation exposure and there would be less witnesses who could blow the cover of the program. It was government policy during the early years of the U-2 program, which also had a nuclear variant, to force witnesses to sign non-disclosure agreements. Airline passengers who saw the U-2 were forced by the FBI sign non-disclosure agreements. 

23 February 1947

May 1947
UFO’s are seen over the Soviet Union in Uzbek S.S.R.
21 June 1947
Maury Island Incident.
An airplane powered by a molten salt reactor disintegrates hitting a boat, killing a dog and injuring a boy onboard.
24 June 1947
Kenneth Arnold UFO Mt. Rainer flying @ 1700 mph or 2.289060241 Mach. Arnold believes that the craft was remotely controlled.
05 July 1947
The first UFO reports for project SIGN at Edwards AFB.
July 1947

Pentagon officials were expressing alarm about the flying disk reports
01 October 1948
Project SIGN Case Number: 172
The third most publicly celebrated UFO case of the Project SIGN period would again involve one of the military’s own personnel. A drama would be played out in the North Central area of the United
States. In a sparsely populated area of the country a modern cowboy would face a showdown with an unidentified flying object. This case would be listed in the Project SIGN files as Incident Number 172, and to be commonly known as, "The UFO Dogfight over Fargo." When the team from Project SIGN arrived they checked out Gorman’s aircraft with a Geiger Counter. The aircraft showed signs of radiation. Unfortunately, the team would later discard this aspect of the incident.

25 November 1949
Mt. Palomar, California
Flying Discs Activate Geiger Counters Fran Ridge:
Nov. 25, 1949; Mt. Palomar, California
Flying discs first observed near the observatory at Mt. Palomar. A recording geiger counter was so activated at the times of these sightings, that it went completely off scale. Written off as an equipment malfunction, a loose fuse clip. Not only would this turn the equipment off, instead of on, the Project Record Card mentions a radar tracking.

The Soviet Ministry of Defence established a top-secret group (committee) for studying UFOs at Kapustin Yar. A special UFO archive was opened at Krasny Kut in Saratov Region (in an underground bunker in the special zone of Beryozovka 2). The archive was opened as a direct result of the appearance of several UFOs over Krasny Kut and Kapustin Yar in 1954 and the disappearance of the fighters sent to intercept them.

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In the summer of 1959 the Pentagon issued Qualitative Operational Requirements for a series of space weapons systems. One of those requirements, a military base on the moon was considered essential and nuclear energy was key to realizing this vision. Nuclear Thermal Rockets (NTR) lowered the cost to field such a system by several orders of magnitude. NTR's lower the cost of putting a pound of payload into orbit from 10's of thousands of dollars to 100 dollars. The rationale for building off world bases is that it best insures survival of the nation's command and control in the event of a nuclear war. So the defense of the nation is insured. Off world bases allow for getting around the treaty regimes governing things like weapons testing. The Moon, Mars or one of Jupiter's moons would be great places to secretly test weapons while earth based enemy nations are prevented from testing due to treaty limitations. 

In recently released declassified documents, it was revealed that in 1959 the Pentagon thought that the need for a moon base was so vital that it called for a Top Secret, highly classified, Manhattan style project to make it happen. The nuclear aerospace program NEPA followed on immediately after World War 2. It was a continuation of research that began during the War. So the fact of the matter is the Manhattan Project never really ended and continues till this day with the experimental results shrouded in the legal cloak of  the Atomic Energy Act of 1946 known in the industry as "Born Secret." 

Changing the game of nuclear war. 

This changes the game of nuclear war into a game where if America controlled space and the Soviets managed to take out targets in the continental United States in a surprise attack. They would have to deal with an attack from space. There is no mutually assured destruction, if you control space. Both sides are not deterred from war. 

The strategy is straightforward. 

The American Military put its command and control off world. America puts up stealth weapons satellites and detection systems into orbit. This is a perimeter defense in orbit around the earth. When enemy nations try to put up their system. American space forces shoot them down preventing parityThis effectively bottles up the enemy on the ground. 

The Apollo Program was still active in 2002. 
In 2002 an Apollo S-IVB orbited the earth for the buildup and duration of the American Invasion of Iraq, leaving about a month after George Bush declared Mission Accomplished. This S-IVB was called J002E3 and was mentioned in numerous newspapers. It shows that the world was considerably closer to nuclear war than was mentioned in the media at the time. J002E3 shows that the Apollos had nuclear 3rd stages. It also shows that 9-11 was not an inside job and it was not Bin Laden. 9-11 was an attack by Russia on the United States. It was retaliation for what was going in Chechnya, the expansion of NATO and the deaths of millions of Russians that died in the capitalist reforms. 

Because it would not have to carry liquid oxygen a NERVA S-IVB could carry an additional 121,193 lbs of payload, assuming a 900 ISP. The command module and lunar lander weighed 96,589 lbs. The S-IVB had the space to be a manned module onto itself. The S-IVB was the basis for America's first public space station Skylab. The J002E3 is a Skylab with a nuclear rocket engine.  

ORION space ships use the solar system in the same way nuclear submarines use the ocean. 
The Hubble Space Telescope weighing about 24,500 pounds is reportedly just a Keyhole satellite pointed toward the stars and the Keyhole satellites are armed with lasers. The cost to place it into orbit using NTR's is $2,450,000. It would take about 20 Space Based Lasers to begin providing missile defense. Meaning it would cost 49 million dollars to transport the system into orbit. 

The cost to lift this Mars Mission into orbit using NTR's is 500 Million Dollars. 


Soviet moves during the Cold War show that the American Military succeeded in their space warfare aims. Soviet moves were defensive in nature and were what one would expect given the circumstances. The Soviets needed to gain parity with the United States. The suitcase nuclear weapon is a system designed to give the Soviets a surprise attack capability of their own. It was a response to American surprise attack capabilities. The Soviet defector Stanislav Lunev, in the 1990's, claimed that these weapons were forward deployed within the United States. He was reportedly helping the FBI find these cached weapons. The story goes dark after that. The post-Cold War moves of Russia, scuttling their submarine fleet, letting their early warning satellites die, and selling off their fissile materials, suggest that it has been more or less conquered by the American Ruling Class. Undoubtedly because they lost the battle in space and the Gehlen spy network of moles in the Soviet government. Gehlen's network of stay behinds also played a role in Chechnya and Ukraine. 

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The plan for the ANP was to use one of the planes in a two stage space plane configuration. 

Assumed Dimensions of the Plane for TAN hanger
The scientists had made some assumptions about the dimensions and characteristics of the airframe. Each power package would need to be handled as a unit. A maximum of four engines per plane might be slung under the wing close to the fuselage. Chemical fuels would be auxiliary to the operation. The plane would weigh at least 600,000 pounds. It would extend 135 feet from wing tip to wing tip, be 52 feet wide at the tail, be 205 feet long, and be 53 feet high or higher at the tail.
(INEL, TAN, HANGAR 629 HAER NO. ID-3 3-A. (Page 32)

General characteristics
Crew: 4: pilot, co-pilot, 2 flight engineers (1 flight engineer when not carrying Shuttle)
Length: 231 ft 4 in (70.5 m)
Wingspan: 195 ft 8 in (59.7 m)
Height: 63 ft 5 in (19.3 m)
Wing area: 5,500 ft² (510 m²)
Empty weight: 318,000 lb (144,200 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 710,000 lb (322,000 kg)
Powerplant: 4 × P&W JT9D-7J turbofans, 50,000 lbf (222 kN) each
Cruise speed: Mach 0.6 (with Shuttle) (397 knots, 457 mph, 735 km/h)
Range: 1,150 mi (1,000 nmi, 1,850 km) while carrying Shuttle
Service ceiling: 15,000 ft (4,500 m) (with Shuttle)

The shuttle weighed 165,000 pounds.

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1. Move your command and control out of the reach of the enemy by moving it off the planet.
2. Control everything in LEO using satellite weapons platforms.
3. Use NTR's to lower the cost of launching payloads into orbit.
4. Use these weapons platforms to intimidate the enemy letting them know that a surprise attack could happen at anytime.
5. If the enemy does attack, your off world forces will come back to Earth to attack the enemy.
6. Use your weapons platforms to shoot down all enemy attempts to create parity in LEO.