Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Pilots for 911 truth are an industry organization dedicated to covering the ass of the airline industry. They promote the missile and modified planes theories. Theories that assert no airliners were hijacked. Because who the hell would want to get on a plane knowing that 911 could happen again? The planes on 911 were remotely hijacked. The hit on the Pentagon's DIA/NOC offices show this to be the case. The Honeywell Avionics systems were hacked by the Russians turning the airliners into cruise missiles. Russian defector Stanislav Lunev revealed that the FSB/GRU had penetrated Honeywell and other American tech firms in the late 1990's [5]. In 1997 Russian avionics producer Aviapribor was licensed to produce avionics for Honeywell. 

John Lear is also someone from within the industry promoting the same line for what must be essentially the same reasons. Honeywell and Learjet have relationship that goes back decades. Learjet also had close ties to avionics manufacturer AlliedSignal [2]. AlliedSignal merged with Honeywell in the 1990's. 

In 1999 pro golfer Payne Stewart died tragically, when avionics on his Learjet 35-A "malfunctioned" [3]. It was surmised that his plane rapidly depressurized killing everyone on board. The Stewart incident was a trial run for 911. The people on board the electronically hijacked flights of 911 were all dead from asphyxiation. This would have to take place in order to stop the pilots from manually overriding the auto pilot hack.  

911 could happen again anytime because the planes were electronically hijacked. In fact recently in 2015, the flight controls of a United Airlines were hacked by a man through the entertainment system demonstrating that this could happen again [6]. 

Money matters more than anything else in America. It matters more than the lives of the American people who fly everyday. 


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