Monday, 17 December 2018


Apollo Twelve's 2002 return to Earth orbit. 

The Shuttle disaster took place during the 2003 return of Apollo 12. The Colombia was either shot down or sabotaged. Meaning it was either shot down with a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) or the avionics executed an unauthorized command destroying the shuttle. The Russians have a long history of targeting the shuttle with DEW weapons. The attacks of 911 show that the avionics of our civil airliners are compromised. The technology used in airliners are also used in military and was used in the shuttle. 

The Columbia was resupplying Apollo Twelve. The Shuttle played the role depicted here. The S-IVB plays the role of the nuclear shuttle. 

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  2.  On 11 October 1984, the US defence secretary reported to the president that equipment on the Challenger shuttle broke down and crew felt unwell when it passed over Lake Balkhash, near Norak, suggesting that the Soviets were testing a new anti-satellite weapon. Indeed, the Terra-3 experimental laser radar was used on Defence Minister Dmitriy Ustinov's orders. After a US protest, the Soviets promised not to use it against manned spacecraft. The Americans, however, were worried, thinking that Okno was a beam anti- satellite weapon system. This nearly wrecked the Soviet-US summit in 1985, which only went ahead after Soviet specialists proved that Okno had no radiating elements.