Friday, 13 November 2015

The American Military, Intelligence, Defense Complex Used Sputnik As An Excuse To Make More Money

In doing this research it has become very clear that the Russians were never a threat to the United States. This was especially true in the 1950's. America was ahead of the Soviets in every manner. America had forward bases in Germany which could be used to deliver nuclear weapons by B-36 and B-50 bombers. America controlled the world's oceans. America had probably orbited the Earth in the 1940's in fact some of the Project Blue Book information supports this contention. America was developing very heavy lifting nuclear rocket motors in the 1940's. America under President Eisenhower was bullying the Soviet Union with overflights. While the Soviets did test a nuclear weapon in 1949. They did not have any delivery capability. 

Meanwhile America was demonstrating its delivery capability regularly in the skies of the Soviet Union. When in 1957 the Russians did manage to finally put up a 184 pound satellite this was used as an excuse by American's weapons makers to call for more money. America's bullying of the Soviet Union did cause them to do things that ultimately ruined their socialist economy. The Soviets were forced to choose guns over butter again and again. Because America's ruling class was showing them very clearly that they intended to commit genocide on the Soviet people for having the audacity to have a socialist economy. 

Thursday, 12 November 2015


There are several reasons to believe that the United States orbited the Earth before the Soviet Union. First according to a U.S. Senate report Germany was just 6 months away from fielding an ICBM. It says on page 3 of the report, "It appears that if Germany had held out 6 months longer she would have been sending more destructive V-2 bombs to smash New York." So, Germany was very close to getting into outer space. They would have done it in 1945 had the war gone more to their favor. America had captured Germany's best  rocket scientist Werner Von Braun and his team. His research continued in America. It is not inconceivable that America secretly orbited the earth in the 1940's using Von Braun's team. 

In May 1954, nine years after the German surrender, there were reports of there being up to two satellites in a polar orbit. This satellite has been given the moniker "Black Knight" in UFO circles. They believe that it represents E.T. technology. Given the nine year time frame it certainly is reasonable to believe that United States had placed a satellite in orbit. This is especially easy to believe if Germany was only six months away from fielding an ICBM. In fact the mystery is why it took 12 years for America to launch a satellite into orbit, if Germany was only six months away from doing it in May of 1945. 

So the more mundane explanation for the Black Knight is that this was a U.S. Military satellite. The reports of the Black Knight come two months after a March 1954 RAND report calling for a spy satellite. There is reason to believe that the United States used the Black Knight spy satellite information to plan their U-2 and B-57 Canberra overflights of the Soviet Union. When you look at the story of how Richard Bissell claims the CIA found Baikonur Cosmodrome accidently. A U-2 pilot strayed off course and stumbled upon the secret missile site (Bissell, 119). This story is  highly suspect. The planes were rigged to explode, if they went off course. The pilots corrected the autopilot or they died. 

The U-2 technology was considered so important that there were explosives on board to destroy the plane. The fact that the plane strayed off course at all is contradicted by Gary Powers. Powers laid out how the plane flew mainly by autopilot (Powers, 81). The role of the human on board was to make course corrections when the U-2 went off course. You realize that it makes more sense that the USA was mapping all of Russia by satellite then sending U-2's and B-57's to take a closer look, all the while showing the Russians that America could bomb them with impunity at any time. 

There is also reason to believe that the United States orbited a manned vehicle in the 1950's as well. In the March 6th, 2006 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology they quote a test pilot that claims America could have orbited a manned two stage to orbit vehicle in the 1950's. America did not do it because, "the expendable guys got out ahead of us." When you look at the programs being developed in the 1950's it is abundantly clear that the United States was developing the technology to put man into space well before the Soviet Union. I believe that this is what the American Military did in the mid-1950's. 



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San Francisco Examiner,
Friday, May 14, 1954, p.14
1 or 2 Artificial Satellites Circling Earth, Says Expert

(AP) Donald E. Keyhoe, who writes about such things, said tonight the earth is being orbited by one or two artificial satellites, and Air Force Secretary Talbott, personally has seen a “large silvery, disc shaped object” in the sky.
                But Talbott promptly denied he had ever seen a flying saucer. Not, he added, that he had not had his chances.
                “I have never seen a flying saucer,” said Talbott.
                “I am convinced it is not from lack of opportunity. During the last 15 months my official travels have taken me more than 150,000 miles without encountering one.”
                Keyhoe, a retired Marine Corps major, wrote the best seller, “Flying Saucers from Outer Space.” In a radio interview with Frank Edwards, he said three “very important developments” concerning unidentified flying objects have been kept from the public.
                These he said, are (1) the artificial satellites he reported, (2) what he said Talbott saw and (3) notice from Canadian Government scientists to all official sky watchers within the paid two weeks “to be especially alert and to report immediately any unidentified aerial objects.”
                United States government scientists at White Sands, N.M. Keyhoe said, are making an intensive effort to locate and chart the course of the satellites in an attempt to determine what they are and where they are from.
                He said Talbott and the crew of his plane sighted a disc shaped object late in March near Fresno, Calif. “After watching the object for several minutes, Secretary Talbott ordered his plane to swing around and approach it,” Keyhoe said. “The object immediately accelerated and disappeared at high speed.”

August 1957 Tyuratam is first photographed by a U-2.
04 October 1957 Sputnik is launch from Tyuratam. 

Saturday, 7 November 2015


“If we want to control this planet, we need to control the space around it.”
-Werner Von Braun  

Von Braun told the officer that interrogated him after his surrender, "The U.S. will let me go to Mars.”
-John Logsdon, Space Policy Institute, GWU

The mysterious object J002E3, first reported in print about one year after the attacks of 9-11, came and left Earth orbit between the summer of 2002 and May 2003. This puts J002E3 arrival and departure in step with build up to the second Iraq War and Bush's Mission Accomplished speech. Did the old Apollo S-IVB booster comeback to orbit just to watch George Bush use the American Military to conquer Iraq?

It was heralded as a “new moon” in one of the newspaper reports on the matter. I believe that the moon reference was a cryptic reference to Sputnik. Which was called a new moon in media reports at the time. It was aimed at foreign intelligence analysts. It was reminding them that America controls the space around the Earth. J002E3 has been identified as being an S-IVB booster from the Apollo program. I believe that Apollo utilized nuclear rocket engines. I am not certain if the whole rocket utilized them or just the upper stages. There are many references from the era stating that the S-IVB would utilize the NERVA engine.

The J002E3 came from and went back to L1 a Lagrangian point known for being an excellent place to build a space station. The existence of J002E3 suggests that America has a secret space station located in L1. By getting into space first and placing a constellation of weapons satellites into LEO America has pretty much created a lock on military control of the earth. Any nation that attempts to put weapons into space will have their weapons shot down in boost phase or in orbit. I also believe that America has secret bases on the moon and Mars. If China or Russia had decided to attack America, the American Ruling Class was going to escape to these space colonies. They would live there until the radiation died down enough for human habitation. 

Von Braun might even have gone to Mars. He did have an untimely death from pancreatic cancer. His death most certainly could have been faked. I wonder if he might have died on Mars because that was one of the conditions he had before surrendering to American Forces in World War 2. 

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An L1 station would have a number of important functions due to its stationary position between the Earth and Moon. It is in an excellent location to monitor and coordinate communications among various missions on the nearside of the Moon. A vessel launched from L1 could reach any place on the Moon within a few hours to a day. This would make it ideal for crisis management if an emergency occurred on the Moon. Furthermore, it could serve as a way station, especially once built up, and would probably be used to handle tourists and casual visitors to the Moon. A station like this could also serve as a repair center for ships moving throughout the Solar System.
The L2 point, on the far side of the Moon, is completely shielded from Earth by the Moon so radio telescopes placed there would receive much less interference than existing telescopes. Of course, since the Moon is tide locked, any colony on the far side of the Moon has this same benefit; a lunar facility, however, would suffer from "Moonquakes".
Both L1 and L2 require active stationkeeping since neither is fully stable. Colonies at the L4 and L5 positions would have the advantage of being stable without any need for stationkeeping, and could be used as a waypoint for travel to and from cislunar space.

How does J002E3 jump back and forth between a Sun-centered orbit and an Earth-centered orbit? "It moves through the L1-point," explains Chodas. Also known as "the 1st Lagrangian point," the L1 point is a location in space 1.5 million km closer to the Sun than Earth. Objects placed there in a circular orbit will move around the Sun in exactly one year--always directly between our planet and the Sun. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, for example, is a spacecraft that lives at the L1 point. It enjoys a continuous view of the Sun, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Objects closer to Earth than the L1 point are controlled by Earth's gravity. Objects beyond the L1 point are controlled by the Sun. "When J002E3 came close to the L1 point in April 2002, the object passed throuhgh L1--like a portal--from a Sun-orbit to an Earth-orbit. At some time in the future it might leave Earth-orbit in the same way, back out through the L1 point."
In addition, they would significantly reduce the delta-v (velocity change) needed to move from one to another, or to enter or leave Earth orbit, an important drawback of any lunar surface station, which demands high energy expenditure to escape and a comparable or greater amount to soft-land.