Sunday, 11 October 2015

Did the United States Mount NERVA Engines On the S-IVB?

The official story is that the Saturn-V was a chemically fueled rocket. I believe that this is a lie. The S-IVB was the third stage of the Saturn-V rocket. Some of the S-IVB's were smashed into the moon for seismic studies. Others were turned into America's first official space station known as Skylab. There were also grander plans for this upper stage. The S-IVB was going to be used as a nuclear propelled space tug. So, America could build a moon base. It would utilize the NERVA engine to perform this mission. It might even have been able to make it to Mars and back. The Saturn-V was designed to be a full blown space ship designed to explore the solar system. 


Five of the Saturn-V's S-IVB boosters are purportedly out in a heliocentric orbit. One of the S-IVB's "J002E3" came into to orbit the Earth during the build up of America's Iraq War. It left one month after President George Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" aboard the supercarrier U.S.S. Lincoln. The suspicious timing of the S-IVB's orbit lends credibility to the notion that Apollo was in reality a cover for a military mission. It's aim was to conquer space. If America covertly built bases on the moon and Mars it could use these bases for the testing of exotic weapons. It could also give elements of the American ruling class a place to run to in the event of a nuclear war. Control of space is the ace up the sleeve of the American ruling class. In the event of nuclear war they will just leave while the American people die on Earth. 
Five the S-IVB''s are just out there somewhere. 

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